• Abhishek Thapar

Surpassing the Beeline

Surpassing the Beeline

Abhishek Thapar / Frascati Producties

in English


Surpassing the beeline dives into the expat’s community in Amsterdam.

One country’s emigrant is another’s immigrant. Immigration histories, written primarily in the countries of arrival, has most often focused on the problematic policies and experiences of entry, acceptance, rejection, and/or settlement of newcomers while expats manage to bypass this account because of their economical status. Their past & present and conception of ‘home’ cannot be so neatly severed.

In an intimate space meet your local expat, as they deconstruct histories, identities, traditions, homes and a signature food dish.

During the previous edition of Frascati Issues: De (on)vertelde stad (November 2017), as part of Stadslab Abhishek Thapar presented initial research into the Indian expat community in Amsterdam. Surpassing the Beeline is a further elaboration of this.

Please Note: Food is served during the performance

concept & direction Abhishek Thapar performed by Rinku Kalsy, Hilda Moucharrafieh, Vaishali Nanda, Masha Ru, Sahil Sahni, YiLing Hung

Abhishek Thapar (India, 1985) is a theatre-maker, performer, puppeteer and artist. He obtained a postgraduate degree in Physical Theatre from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA) and a Master of Theatre degree from DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. Abhishek lives and works in Amsterdam.