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A white stage and two dancers. Choreographer Nicole Beutler goes back to basics in 4: STILL LIFE. She immersed herself in the history of dance and distilled from it the essential ingredients of the dance duet between man and woman. The partner dance was scrutinized from the baroque court dance via Lindy Hop to the postmodern dance. We see mating rituals, leaders and followers, merger and fight, distance and intimacy. 
The principles of Bauhaus, the visual art movement from the beginning of the 20th century, offer a significant starting point. The geometry of square, circle and triangle is the guiding principle for this musical and visual composition. Movements, sound and lighting are completely interdependent. With great accuracy, as we have come to expect of Beutler's precise choreographies, she guides us into a poetic world where an intriguing dialogue between the dancers and the space conjures up new meanings all the time. 
The piece is a composition of five moving still lifes, a dance of the space, an extraordinary court dance, a mating dance, a ritual and a 'Lichtspiel'. Every part has its own unique atmosphere and energy, supported by the music of Beutler's steady composer Gary Shepherd. 

4: STILL LIFE premièred in 2013. In the year we celebrate one hundred years of Bauhaus, the performance returns to the theatres.

“4: STILL LIFE is all contradiction. Of periods and styles, of expectations and reality. It is functional and aesthetic, sec and sensitive, familiar and strange, dull and fascinating. In other words: extraordinary.' - ★★★★ de Volkskrant (2013)
★★★★ NRC (2013)
★★★★ Theaterkrant (2013)

production Nicole Beutler Projects coproduction Theater Malpertuis (BE) concept en choreography Nicole Beutler performers Marjolein Vogels, Benjamin Kahn lightdesign Minna Tiikkainen music composition Gary Shepherd scene design Minna Tiikkainen, Nicole Beutler costumes Jessica Helbach technique Martin Kaffarnik dramaturgy Felix Ritter artistic collaboration Piet Arfeuille choreografic assistence Hillary Blake Firestone, Inge van Huijkelom Hester van Hasselt, Djahan Manuela Perez, Hans Vos, Dorothee Wortelboer, Martin Butler photography Anja Beutler with support from Fabrik Potsdam