Michele Rizzo / Frascati Producties in coproductie met ICK en Dansmakers

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A dance trip through hybrid spaces.

The development of technology and the evolution of our imaginations are administering stress tests to the material world. This is leading to new ideas and visions of infinity. We have learned to escape reality – but also to reinforce it. As a result, we have started to see the space around us as a receiver of our own representations, imaginings and images.
Michele Rizzo is making an attempt to make this understanding of space visible. Looking for the invisible in the visible and the virtual in the material. 
Spacewalk invites us into an abstract structure of possibilities and drops us in places where movement continues behind closed eyelids.

concept & choreography Michele Rizzo with Emma Daniel & Valerio Sirna stage design & light Michele Rizzo & Lukas Heistinger sound Au†ismo technical realisation Lukas Heistinger, Yiannis Mouravas & Diederik Schoorl advise Juan Pablo Cámara many thanks to Antonia Steffens and Renée Copraij


 coproduction ICK Amsterdam, Dansmakers Amsterdam & Campo (BE)

Michele Rizzo graduated from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam in 2011 and in 2015 at the Sandberg Institute of Amsterdam, in the Dirty Art Department master program. In 2014 he developed the ongoing project M, which premiered in Something Raw, consisting a performance, an exhibition and a magazine.  In 2015 he created Higher, produced by Frascati in collaboration with ICK Amsterdam, a project inspired by the club culture for which he collaborated with music producer Lorenzo Senni. Higher is  shown throughout Europe during the past two years, also in the form of a workshop.