Choy Ka Fai (SGP)



A map of the new Asian dance landscape is the best way to describe the project of theatre maker, visual artist and designer Choy Ka Fai. He interviewed 88 choreographers in five countries and made a documentary about the influence of the local context on their lives and work. In collaboration with some of them he also made performances of which two are shown in this programme.

Chinese dancer Xiao Ke and photographer Zhou Rishard examine the influence of censorship and the impression of constantly being monitored. This is done in a mix of videos, photography, live performances and installations. To illustrate the influence of the power relations in a post-colonial era Indian performer Surjit Nongmeikapam presents a work in which different forms of classical Indian dance and martial arts are combined with modern dance.

'A jewel of performance-art with exciting contemporary material, and danced with a brilliance you rarely see.” - Neue Zürcher Zeitung

'SoftMachine is an affirmation on the individuality and struggles of contemporary dance artists across Asia. Ka Fai investigates and extends the boundaries of choreography into the documentary, it is an innovative and bold production contemplating dance and life as an inseparable contour.’ – Ezekiel Olivera, FiveLineAsia, Singapore

'Soft Machine is an immense project, encompassing short documentary films, collaborative performances and lectures. The attempt to examine the vocabulary of gesture on its own terms becomes a task of Fibonacci-esque complexity, spiralling in from continent to country to city to scene to YouTube references to in-jokes’ – Hettie Judah, ArtReview, London

Choy Ka Fai installation
Alongside the Softmachine performance, Explore will present the 88 documentary video portraits by Choy Ka Fai. He put them in an installation which has already been on show in various cities in Asia, Australia and Europe. The installation travels with the performance and is shown in the theatre foyers.

credits XiaoKe x ZiHan:
concept, regie & documetaire Choy Ka Fai performance & choreografie XiaoKe & Zhou Zihan dramaturgie Tang Fu Kuen geluidsontwerp Zhou ZiHan lichtontwerp Andy Lim (Stage “LIVE”) productieleiding Yap Seok Hui

credits Surjit:
concept, regie, performance & documentaire Choy Ka Fai performance & choreografie Surjit Nongmeikapam dramaturgie Tang Fu Kuen geluidsontwerp Zulkifle Mahmod lichtontwerp Andy Lim (Stage “LIVE”) productieleiding Yap Seok Hui


Explore Festival is a cooperation involving nine Dutch theatres aimed at showing productions from other cultures and far-away places in the Netherlands. The productions in the festival allow us to see what is happening in theatres elsewhere on the planet. The festival programmes productions by makers with (to us) unusual, exciting perspectives. There are many of these, and with unfamiliar codes and a different (theatrical) language, their work has a great capacity to surprise us.

In Amsterdam, two productions will be performed in Frascati and two in the Stadsschouwburg. The productions Ottof and Softmachine can be seen in Frascati, while during the same two weeks the productions La Dictadura de lo Cool and Under Siege will be presented in the Stadsschouwburg.


100 minuten
Explore Festival

This performance is part of Explore Festival.


Take advantage of the special combined tickets and visit La Dictadura de lo Cool or Under Siege, in combination with Ottof or Softmachine. Two shows for just €37.50! How does it work? When ordering tickets for La Dictadura de lo Cool and Under Siege, simply select a combined ticket under 'kaartsoort' and there you go!