VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover’s journey] RevolutionS

fri 04 & sat 05 february

VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover’s journey] RevolutionS




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A pop opera about love and migration  

A beautiful visual and musical show that will stimulate all your senses and inject you with hope and love. 

Powerful vocals, raw stories, extravagant fashion; VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover’s Journey] RevolutionS is an eclectic musical (pop, jazz, folk) that reminds us that we have the power to overcome obstacles in order to fulfil our dreams.  

ARIAH LESTER tells us about the adventure of migrating across continents and the resilience that it requires. Through poetry and music he transforms his own story in a mirror: a space of reflexion for the story of many Venezuelans, migrants - and overall - people who have fought hard to accomplish their goals. He raises awareness about the actual crisis in his home country and the complexity of being intersected by different political, economical, and cultural realities. 

VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover’s Journey] RevolutionS transforms big questions into songs, past into future, and limitations into potentiality. ARIAH talks English, sings in Spanish and uses English/Dutch subtitles in his attempt to become a bridge between two worlds that are far apart: Venezuela and The Netherlands. He reminds us that we are not that different from each other and that everything we see in him is a mere reflection of what it is inside ourselves. Deep within there is a common factor that makes us greater: our courage, our authenticity, our capacity to love and believe in ourselves, the ability to transform pain into beauty. 

The charismatic performer ARIAH LESTER quickly established himself internationally. With his clear countertenor, he guides his audience into a world where one reality almost imperceptibly transitions into another. In 2017 he won the Sabam Jongtheaterschrijfprijs at Theater Aan Zee and in 2019 he received a nomination for the BNG Bank Theaterprijs. 

After THE GATE, VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover's Journey] RevolutionS is Lester's second performance under the wings of Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam in co-production with O. in the context of the new maker's subsidy from Fonds Podiumkunsten. 

ARIAH LESTER about VIAJERO DEL AMOR [A Lover’s Journey] RevolutionS

I hold in my body the knowledge of the past, the mysticism, classic and outdated forms evoking the stars we only saw in ancient times. These gifts are the brushes I use to paint my clown make-up: the mask that hides a mask. This mask spits on my face. It’s mouth doesn’t respect my words.  

I am a contradiction in movement. 

I am a focused chaos. 

Regardless, at the end of this river all my waters go to the same pond:  

the place where the cup that quenches your thirst is filled. 

This is my invitation for you to jump down the unavoidable stream.  




feeling is 


I speak the language of the thinking heart. 

I am the language of the new world. 


A theatre maker, song writer and rock artist from Venezuela, ARIAH LESTER’s star is rising dramatically. His performances are appealing and his style is completely original as he challenges the audience to enter a domain of limitless fantasy. This is how he engages with a sometimes cruel, alienated, and heartless world: a fresh search for intimacy and imagination.” - Operadagen Awards 2018 

concept, composition, lyrics, video and choreography ARIAH LESTER performance ARIAH LESTER, Charles Pas final director Char Li Chung the music universe of VIAJERO was created, co-composed, co-arranged by the hand of Charly Zastrau (keys), Claudia Velez (violone/guitar), Lauriane Ghils (percussion)  costumes, styling Teun Seuren light design, visual dramaturgy, performance Katinka Marac 3D animations Markus S. Fiedler dramaturgy, concept development Katinka Marac, Tiana Hemlock-Yensen, Ro Verwey, Tobias Kokkelmans, Melih Gençboyaci director's assistance, master of rehearsal Tiana Hemlock-Yensen texts translation, movement, writing coach Ro Verwey vocal and stage coaching Glenda Peters sound, video mapping Frank Hermans scenography, decor John Thijsssen light design Andi Krijgsman, Lidewij Eggels technique Frank Hermans, Wim Bechtold producers Suzan Slinger, Nynke Joustra marketing Sofie de Leede, Sze Man Ho with movie clips from Juan C. de la Barra (Wuadara Films, Venezuela) from the village Chuao, in Venezuela production Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam co-production O. Festival funded by Fonds Podiumkunsten thanks to Myrthe Buihs, Remo, Loes Wiea, Ria Higler, Javier Murugarren (Hobe Lasai), Mary van Kleeff, Beck Delude, David Krooshof 





€17 / €12
Frascati 1 / 90 minutes