Opera and Steel

Opera and Steel

Grace Schwindt (DE / GB)

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Opera performance on the convergence of market and morality, with dance, acrobatics, text, video, live music, light and sculpture.

Artist Grace Schwindt is able like no other to capture big themes in crystal-clear, poetic performances. For Opera and Steel, she spoke to a man who has spent 37 years on a remote beach, mapping oil pollution and its effects on seabirds. In doing so, he has involuntarily supplied the oil industry with figures it can use to demonstrate its efficiency. Schwindt sketches the man’s experiences using two dancers, an acrobat, an opera singer, text, video, live music, light and sculpture. Performers become objects, objects become costumes and video and dance merge – as man, bird and oil become irretrievably entangled, generating an impression of individual life within global capitalism.
Grace Schwindt creates performances and films that reduce big historical events or social themes to human proportions. She is able to expose underlying social mechanisms using performers, text, objects and sound as pieces of equal value. Placing the body simply as an object among other objects raises issues of age, class, origin and gender. In recent years, she has created the performance The Signal and the films Tenant and Only A Free Individual Can Create A Free Society. Schwindt’s work is shown in galleries, arts centres, at fairs and theatres throughout and outside of Europe.

direction Grace Schwindt dance Yumiko Funaya, Gerard Bell singing Lisa Cassidy music Tristan Renfrow & Iose Ravera| acrobatics Celicia Sdrubulini dramaturgy advice Esther Severi commisioned by Kaaitheater supported by Argos Centre for Art and Media & Instituto Italiano di Cultura Bruxelles produced by Rozenstraat - a ros is a rose is a rose

Rozenstraat- a rose is a rose is a rose is een nieuwe project space voor beeldende kunst in Amsterdam en wordt voor de productie van 'Opera and Steel' ondersteund door het Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Stichting de Stokroos en het Mondriaan Fonds.

In September 2018 opent Grace Schwindt's solo show Marching Figures and Other Tales in de ruimte op de Rozenstraat 59.


52 minuten