Open BAU Meeting

Open BAU Meeting

BAU / Come Together



The Open BAU Meeting is a regular activity of BAU Platform for Dance and Performance, that takes place every two months. These are meetings for the Amsterdam dance and performance network in which the current state of the dance and performance arts is discussed and where there is room for ideas and exchange.

For this edition BAU has invited the initiative ‘Aanvang’, a platform that organizes and facilitates meetings and conversations to better the future of the performing arts. Aanvang and BAU would like discuss a few topics: Which campaigning strategies are the best for the performing arts scene? How to collaborate with other performing arts initiatives to create a strong vision on arts policy? How do we convince policy makers to make a radical improvements in arts funding?

Let us know before the 4th of March if you are joining, by sending an email with the reference "Open BAU meeting 7 March” to There is the possibility to join the Come Together Dinner together with the participants of Come Together for €5 p.p. (cash), starting at 17:00 right after the Open BAU Meeting. If you register to come for the meeting ánd you would like to eat with us, please let us know by mentioning it in your email (it’s not possible to only come for the dinner).