The Unalphabet

The Unalphabet

Studio Julian Hetzel (DE / NL)



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Focus: Digest - Debrief - Dance 
After yesterday´s banquet, the last session of The Unalphabet gives time to process and digest the information collectively.  

The Unalphabet
Frascati Issues: The Gathering 9 - 13 nov. 2021 

Unalphabet is the new research laboratory of Studio Julian Hetzel, which focuses on analyzing the contradictions of Western culture. The laboratory is about what is hidden, the opposition of ethical principles and economic interests, the incongruency between solidarity and greed, surplus and scarcity, appetite and hunger. 

Between 2021 – 2024, a series of nomadic laboratories are taking a close look at the invisible economies and hidden power structures that govern this part of the world. The laboratory is a framework for critical, independent thinking and making – for learning and unlearning. This first edition of Unalphabet will focus on the power of language as a tool to shape reality from A - Z. 

Between November 9th and 13th, Studio Julian Hetzel invites guest speakers, participants, and the audience and proposes a five-day focus program to establish the basic parameters of this platform and the kick-off of the research laboratory. Five days of collaborative research, mutual learning, knowledge sharing and generation, creative research, performative installation, cooking, and eating. A series of nomadic encounters that will generate and facilitate a discursive exchange between experts and amateurs, friends and strangers. A call for undisciplinary practice! 


The Unalphabet is part of Frascati Issues: The Gathering

14.00 - 17.00 afternoon program for participants