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Be Careful

Be Careful

Mallika Taneja (IN)



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Caution is central to a woman’s experience of life. It is prescribed, imbibed and practiced with rigour, so that women can be ‘safe’. Thoda Dhyaan Se (Be Careful) is a satirical piece that challenges this notion of safety. Rooted in a widespread anger against the everyday violence against women, the performance confronts the unfortunate conflation between the manner in which women dress and the atrocities committed against them. Stripping down a culture hiding behind its ignorant, prudish mores, Mallika Taneja exposes the contradictions at the heart of India’s stunted social progress. Although rooted in India, Be Careful resonates with people all over the world. 

Mallika returns to Europe with her solo show, in a world where the words Being careful and being safe have taken on newer and seemingly more urgent meanings… the piece, however, does not forget the layers that now seem to have been buried under the weight of the newest virus. 

concept and performance by Mallika Taneja production manager Meghna Singh Bhadauria
The piece was first created at the Tadpole Repertory in 2013, as part of their show ‘NDLS'




Mallika Taneja is a Delhi-based theatre artist. Her most recent works include Zanana ka Zamana (Time of the Femme) - built during the country-wide anti CAA movement, Aksar, Yunhi.. Mehsoos Hota Hai (Often, sometimes…It feels like this) — a reflection on mental health and the mundane; and Allegedly — dealing with questions of justice and sexual violence. Her piece Be Careful talks about the discourse of women and ’safety’, and has toured widely internationally. She also started interventions like Women Walk at Midnight, Sex Chat Room and an arts initiative called Lost & Found.

40 minuten

Dutch premiere vr 15 oct '21