Come Together #3: Day 3

Come Together #3: Day 3

Come Together



Fifty performance makers from different fields will come together over these days to share ideas and present their work.
What started in 2014 as a mini-festival by initiators/peers Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi and Andrea Bozic, to gather and show their work alongside each other, grew into a second edition in 2015 including works by Amsterdam artists of all generations and disciplines such as music, dance and contemporary art. 
20 januari
Igor Dobricic, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Clara Amaral, Jija Sohn and Andrea Zavala, Sarah van Lamsweerde and Esther Mugambi, Patrick Schmatzer and Sally O’Neill, Aron Birtalan, Esther Arribas, Nicole Beutler, Nina Jan and Ursa Sekirnik, Isadora Tomasi, Jihuyn Youn, Stephanie van Batum and Stacyian Jackson, Genevieve Murphy, Magdalena Ptasznik, Erin Hill, Nienke Scholts and Maria Roessler, Liesbeth Koot, WhyNot, Margo van de Linde, Sarah Manya, Clara Garcia Fraile, Matias Daporta
We are now at the beginning of a new arts funding period - an exciting time full of uncertainty and questions - COME TOGETHER # 3 grows again and acts as an appeal to the Amsterdam art field to come together and demonstrate that the field is still very much alive and kicking. COME TOGETHER # 3 is a performed manifesto and celebration of the many innovative contemporary makers that Amsterdam hosts. Over these three days approximately 50 independent choreographers, musicians, artists, dramatists and thinkers from different generations and backgrounds come together to share knowledge, develop concepts, meet coleagues and present their ideas to the public. The participants will utilize the space and time in a way that has not been possible elsewhere in our current and recent climate. The works will offer a range whether it is a short try-out performance, an interdisciplinary dance piece, a multimedia lecture, a workshop, an artistic manifesto or a performance in print; rough, unpolished, exploring, visionary and challenging. During COME TOGETHER #3 both creators and audiences get the chance to discover and experience the work in all its facets within one context.


18 januari
Joao Pinho and Francisco Pinho, Orion Maxted and Nathan Fain, Keren Levi, Zhana Ivanova, Robert Steijn and Angela Schubot, Jesus de Vega and Chai Blaq, Andrea Hackl, Müsfik can Müftüoglu and Cherish Menzo, Christian Guerematchi, Riccardo Guratti and Aleksandra Lemm, Liat Waysbort, Ivgri and Greben, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Anni Kaila, Hillary Blake Firestone and Alison Isadora, Sarah Manya, Liesbeth Koot, WhyNot, Margo van de Linde, Clara Garcia Fraile, Tom Parkinson, Matias Daporta 

19 januari
Astrit Ismaili, Truus Bronkhorst, Jochem van Tol, Ester Natzijl and Fabienne Vegt, Fransien van der Putt and Vera Sofia Mota, Valentina Campora, Andrea Bozic and Julia Willms, Oneka von Schrader and Susanna Brenner, Assi Weitz and Rob Gradison, Matthew Day, Schwalbe, Lester and Niki, Margo van der Linde, Jochem Naafs, Liesbeth Koot, WhyNot, Clara Garcia Fraile, Nienke Scholts and Maria Roessler, Tom Parkinson, Matias Daporta

COME TOGETHER is curated by Keren Levi, Nicole Beutler, Andrea Božic´ this year in cooperation with Eva Villanueva. It is produced by NBprojects and NeverLike, in coproduction with TILT, BAU and Frascati, supported by ICK and Veem House for Performance.
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COME TOGETHER is made possible thanks to the investment of all parties involved - the artists who are presenting their work as well as the organizers. The ticket prices are very low so to make it possible for everyone to attend. So when you are in the position to pay more, your donation is not only much appreciated but also needed.