This is Not a Conversation

This is Not a Conversation

Noah Voelker (NL / VS)



This is Not Conversation is a performance that is about asking questions. Two performers agree to answer truthfully to each other questions and no topic or line of questioning is forbidden. What begins as a simple and friendly exchange evolves into a dynamic exploration of power, authenticity, perception, and how we question ourselves and others.  

This is Not a Conversation is a performance that resulted out of a period of research at DasArts. The piece is semi-improvisational and is created in such a way that allows for active exploration of the constraints and rules we use while still maintaining the core principals that initiated the process. The piece demands that the performers rhythmically switch between a state of vulnerability and intensive, thoughtful questioning. Margo Van De Linde and Orion Maxted collaborated with me on the research process. During the process I was advised by Petra Ardai and Edit Kaldor.

30 minuten