Vanja Rukavina / Het Nationale Theater

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***Welcome to a lecture about language. The best invention man has ever known. An invention that invented itself.***Welkom bij een college over taal. De beste uitvinding die de mens ooit heeft gekend. Een uitvinding die zichzelf heeft uitgevonden.***Dobro došli na predavanje o jeziku. Najveći izum koji je čovjek ikad poznavao. Izum koji je sam sebe izumio.***Добро дошли на предавање о језику. Највећи изум који је човек икад познавао. Изум који је сам себе изумео.***言語に関する講義へようこそ。言語はこれまで人類が知っていた最高の発明です。それは自体に発明された発明なのです。***Wilkommen zu einem Vortrag über die Sprache. Die beste Erfindung die der Mensch je gekannt hat. Eine Erfindung die sich selbst erfunden hat.***언어 강의에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 언어는 지금까지 알려져 있는 발명들 중에 최고의 발명입니다. 자체적으로 발명된 발명입니다.***

A one-man show on the wonderful world of language

If two people do not share a language, they cannot understand each other. Simple. But, if you understand even one word of someone else’s speech, you are presented with a problem. You have entered the world of another culture, another way of doing things, maybe even a different way of thinking.

Naturally, in this performance, language is central. Communication is a bridge between cultures, but it’s also a barrier. How can particular words, and even rules of grammar, determine thinking patterns, world visions and culture? Why is it impossible to create a ‘true’ translation? And can you disconnect language from feeling or experience?

concept, text & performance Vanja Rukavina dramaturgy Thomas Lamers light & stage Marijn de Jong video Peter van Til sound Jimi Zoet coaching Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens danscoach Sarada Sarita photography Sanne Peper

LANGUAGE is een co-productie van Het Nationale Theater en Stichting Zaal 4A


Vanja Rukavina was born in 1989 in Sarajevo, formerly Yugoslavia. In 1992 his parents took him and fled the country during civil war and came to the Netherlands. In 2011, Vanja graduated from the Acting course at the Maastricht Theater Academy.

In 2018, he was in the marathon show The Nation at Het Nationale Theater. Directed by Eric de Vroedt, Vanja won an ‘Arlecchino: Best Contributing Male Role’ at the Theater Awards for his performance. In April 2019, De wereld volgens John (The World According to John, a spin-off of The Nation) premiered, with Vanja again among the cast.

Over the past seven seasons at Toneelgroup Amsterdam and International Theater Amsterdam, Vanja has appeared in several performances, including Nobody Home, directed by Daria Bukvić (2014 - 2016). He has also been cast in a number of films, including Flikken Maastricht (2013), Overspel (2015) and I Know Who You Are (2018).

Vanja also has a portfolio of his own work, including From Russia with Love (2013), for which he won ‘Best International Production’ at ITS Festival. His dance performance BOKKO The Ultimate Fusion (2014 - 2018) has reached over 100 shows both in the Netherlands and internationally in the past few years.

this performance includes strobe lightning