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Everything must be interpreted as intensity

Everything must be interpreted as intensity

Frascati Producties / Francesca Lazzeri (Proud Flesh)

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New Frascati maker focuses in on the human/animal relationship within our society 
In everything must be interpreted as intensity, Francesca Lazzeri focuses onto the relationship between human and animal within our society. What is ‘the animal’ in a world where everything has been reduced to an object aimed at satisfying men’s needs? And what for consequences do current power relations have for species other than homo sapiens? In this highly visual, physical production, Lazzeri questions the legitimacy of our anthropocentric worldview at an intuitive level. A performative tribute to power, powerlessness and the urge to survive, to being human or animal and to the inescapable impossibility of ever really understanding one another.
concept & direction Francesca Lazzeri (Wild Vlees) performance Hidde Aans, Christina Flick, Dennis Tiecken scenography Nikki Hock, Francesca Lazzeri sound design Marijn Brussaard lighting design Attila Nemeth support Loes van der Pligt with thanks to Tamar Blom, Job Rietvelt, Joost Segers, David Weber-Krebs. 


Francesca Lazzeri (Italy, 1991) is part of the company Wild Vlees (Proud Flesh), together with Tamar Blom, Job Rietvelt and Joost Segers. This group radically translates social commitment into visual, highly physical performances. Francesca has studied and worked in Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Russia and Italy. In 2016, she graduated from the Mime education at the Amsterdam University of the Arts with the productions Being Singular Plural and When everything is human, the human is an entirely different thing (co-produced by Festival Boulevard with Festival Cement). The latter, created with Tamar Blom, was nominated for the new theatre makers award BNG Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs. Afterwards the duo created An Incomplete Life, which premièred at Festival Cement and keeps performing all over the country.
In her work, Francesca Lazzeri investigates the anthropological, social and political aspects of being human. She translates the essence of her findings to the stage in pure, minimalist imagery, developing personal questions to universal themes such as death, sexuality and time. With great precision, she takes her ideas (often founded on philosophical principles) to their ultimate conclusion. Her performances look simple, but they form a gateway to a world of personal associations and social – and at times highly political – connotations.


60 min.