Endless February

De Balie / Frascati Producties
Thu 23 Feb ’23 - Tue 25 Apr ’23
A stage reading of new Ukrainian short plays
Thu 23 Feb ’23
Tue 25 Apr ’23

On February the 23rd, the night before Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago, a group of Ukrainian and Dutch actors give a human face to the war. They test new short plays written by Victor Storozhenko and Nina Zakhazenko, both still based in Ukraine. After the staged reading they engage in conversation with the audience.

The short plays by Zakhazenko are logically structured and depict a society that experiences collective trauma and that seeks ways to overcome the consequences of this injury. Storozhenko’s short play Freedom Show tells his personal story as a military hero. In February 2022 he joined the legion ‘Svoboda’, which is fighting alongside the armed forces of Ukraine. He fought at the forefront, got wounded and was presented an award by president Zelensky.

Endless February is the first of three stage readings followed by a discussion. The purpose of this series is to acquaint the Dutch audience and theatre community with contemporary Ukrainian dramaturgy. All the proceeds from tickets sales go to the production of the next two editions in April and June.