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#empathyporn 01: Encounters

#empathyporn 01: Encounters

Frascati Producties / Julian Hetzel (DE / NL)

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Encounter 01: The aestheticization of violence

The thin line between reality and fiction in militainment is the central issue of Encounter 01. In a shared session experts from the gaming industry meet thinkers and artists who research on the explosive power of image wars. Introduced through short lectures, the guests speakers discuss with the audience the aestheticization of violence and it’s possible capitalization. In modern warfare elements of gaming are applied to the execution of violence to an extend that the division between the virtual and the real merge into one. In “The Automated Sniper” the gamification of violence is brought on stage. The performance is a battle and the stage is the battlefield. Immersive formats and game structures in the arts invite audience to get involved and to take an active role. Here seeing becomes doing. Watching becomes killing…

With: Marijn Lems, Joris Weijdom, Jolle Demmers, Julian Hetzel

Marijn Lems is a theatre critic who writes for theaterkrant.nl, NRC and De Groene Amsterdammer, and works as a dramaturge for performing arts workspace Het Huis Utrecht.. He has previously worked as a programme director for various theatres in The Netherlands and Belgium. Besides the performing arts, he has a great passion for the fields of videogames, cinema and television.

Joris Weijdom is researcher and designer of mixed-reality experiences focusing on interdisciplinary creative processes and performativity. He founded the Media and Performance Laboratory (MAPLAB), enabling from 2012 until 2015 practice-led artistic research on the intersection of performance, media and technology. Currently he researches creative processes in collaborative mixed reality environments (CMRE) at the Professorship Performative Processes and teaches several BA and MA courses at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Jolle Demmers is Professor in Conflict Studies at Utrecht University. She lectures and writes on theories of contemporary violent conflict,  boundaries and violence, and  remote warfare. Demmers studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and carried out her PhD research on neoliberal caciquismo and political violence in Mexico at UU. Under the heading of The Intimacies of Remote Warfare, she is currently engaged in research projects on the spatial and temporal reconfiguration of warfare and its blowback effects.

Jolle has co-produced cross-disciplinary projects with BAK, Jonas Staal, De Balie, TAAK, We Are Here, Hacking Habitat, and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg on the intersections between art, politics and war (e.g. Stateless Democracy, Azawad Embassy, Remote Control, New World Summit, The Ultra-periphery).


Julian Hetzel studeerde visuele communicatie aan de Bauhaus University Weimar, daarna verhuisde hij naar Amsterdam om zijn opleiding voort te zetten bij het masterprogramma van de AHK DasArts. Al tijdens zijn opleiding viel hij op met spraakmakende performances als PrENTER (2008), die werd getoond op het ARS Electronica festival 2008 in Linz en The Benefactor (2011). In 2016 richtte hij de stichting Ism & Heit op als een structuur om zijn artistiek werk te ontwikkelen, met Utrecht als uitvalsbasis. Julian Hetzel is ook oprichter en drummer van de electro-popband Pentatones.

All Inclusive (Campo & Frascati Producties, 2018)
The Automated Sniper (Frascati Producties en Ism & Heit, 2017)
Schuldfabrik (Steirischer Herbst Graz en Ism & Heit, 2016)
Sculpting Fear (SPRING Utrecht, 2015)
STILL – The Economy of Waiting (SPRING Utrecht, 2014)
I’m Not Here Says the Void (Frascati Producties & DasArts, 2013)
The Benefactor (DasArts, 2011)



Encounters maakt deel uit van het vierdaagse programma #empathyporn rondom het werk van Julian Hetzel. Voor iedere dag is er een kaart te koop die toegang geeft tot het hele avondprogramma. Bekijk hier het hele programmaoverzicht.