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Crippled Symmetry

Crippled Symmetry

Keren Levi / Ives Ensemble

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A music production in the form of an Oriental carpet

Crippled Symmetry is a unique music production inspired by the manual work of Turkish carpet weavers. Because the carpet gradually disappears behind the loom during the weaving process, these carpets inevitably contain little ´mistakes´ in their regular geometric patterns – this is what gives each carpet its unique individual character. Composer Morton Feldman found this interplay of symmetry and coincidence endlessly fascinating. He translated the carpet weavers’ practice into a score that sounds a little different at each performance. Three musicians play at the same tempo, but never know exactly at what point the others are in the composition. Little ‘mistakes’ in the complex rhythms therefore mean the three musical lines are constantly shifting in relation to one another. The result is an almost spatial audio landscape, tense and unpredictable. Pianist John Snijders: “Feldman has pulled the ground from beneath our feet, and we naturally start to float.”

Choreographer Keren Levi’s production Footnotes was inspired by Crippled Symmetry. On Saturday, 24 February, the Ives Ensemble will perform Crippled Symmetry ahead of Footnotes.

composition Morton Feldman music Ives Ensemble: Rik Andriessen (flute, bass flute); Ron Colbers (vibraphone, glockenspiel) & John Snijders (piano, celesta).

The Ives Ensemble play the best modern chamber music in the purest possible way. Named after idiosyncratic American composer Charles Ives, the ensemble always seeks out the surprising in music. With one foot in the 20th century and one in the 21st – and with eyes and ears tuned towards the 22nd century. The Ives Ensemble play historical music from the present – music that we will be seen as valuable cultural heritage in the future. Composers such as John Cage, Aldo Clementi and Louis Andriessen have written music for this ensemble. They also currently work with leading contemporary composers and artists. Based in Amsterdam, the 12 musicians travel the Netherlands and the rest of the world with programmes that teach their audiences to learn to listen anew.


90 min.
Saturday Feb 24:

Double bill with dance performance Footnotes by Keren Levi.