A Soft Play

A Soft Play

KOBE / Productiehuis Rotterdam

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In a world were individual happiness is most important and life is about uppers, downers, hypes, trends, topics, pop-ups, entertainment injections and happy feelings, KOBE presents her performance a soft play. Are our needs and yearnings impossible to satisfy? Why do we lose ourselves in the partying and consummating mass? A colourful brainwash, while the world is on fire!

KOBE makes cutting edge performances between art and kitsch and integrates the popular culture into the art world. Davy Pieters and Nastaran Razawi Khorasani can be found, and are inspired by clubs, festivals, theatres, museums and galleries. Between this different scenes KOBE explorers the contemporary society and tries to change something from within.

concept KOBE concept & performanceNastaran Razawi Khorasani, Nina Fokker, Anne Fé de Boer &  Davy Pieters sound Jimi Zoet design Ruben Wijnstok costumes Esmée Kulik campagnebeeld Berry Dijkstra, ROFFERT production Lisa Corsten technique Siemen van der Werf production Productiehuis Rotterdam

nagesprek 23 sep

Na afloop van de voorstellingen INTERNET OF THINGS/Prometheus de Vuurbrenger en a soft play gaan URLAND en KOBE met elkaar in gesprek onder leiding van dramaturg Florian Hellwig.