Frascati Producties / Florentina Holzinger

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Florentine Holzinger returns in Frascati with this mythical performance
This performance by Florentina Holzinger, following on from the trilogy she created with Vincent Riebeek. Recovery centres around struggle as a healing process. The starting point for Recovery is the tragic accident in which Florentina Holzinger herself fell from the roof ridge of the theatre. The inspiration for Recovery was the long process of rehabilitation she then had to undergo. Every evening, accompanied by her female coach, she enters the ring to take on the Arts World, Fear and Trauma.
concept & performance Florentina Holzinger performance Btissame Amadour, Clara Saito, Eva Susova, Lenneke Vos & guests sound design Stefan Schneider dramaturgy & consultation Vincent Riebeek, Renée Copraij, Sara Ostertag photography Anna van Kooij
A co-production by Frascati Producties and brut Wien. With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union, Life Long Burning, the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Performing Arts Fund NL. 


trailer Recovery - Florentina Holzinger
90 minuten