• Marijn Graven

Narziss / Hildegard / Goldmund

Narziss / Hildegard / Goldmund

Marijn Graven / Festival Cement / Het Zuidelijk Toneel



Director Marijn Graven is positioning the composer Hildegard von Bingen between the two famous characters from Herman Hesse’s novel Narziß und Goldmund, to find out how she might unite the head and the heart, logos and eros, the male and the female. Following the actors, the production designer, the composer, and the audience we are going on a musical ramble in search of ourselves inside the other.

concept & direction GRAVen scenery & costume design Maartje Prins text & play Babette Engels, David van Uuden, Jordy Vogelzang, production Geertje Spaan sounddesign & music George Dhauw photographyMaartje Prins a coproduction with Festival Cement en Het Zuidelijk Toneel supported by PLAN Brabant
90 minuten