Karl van Welden (BE)



Poetic tale about our love of worst case scenarios

A man is playing the piano amidst a gently descending rain of ash. The ash falls ever thicker and darker, bringing about a gradual transformation of both image and music. MARS II is a visual, musical reflection on the impact of disasters on the way we think. Obsessed by the ecological catastrophes, economic crises and terrorist attacks that threaten us, we are increasingly organising our society around the avoidance of risk. Could it be that, in a sense, we need these stories – like a child needs scary fairytales? And could all these apocalyptic scenarios also serve as a ‘memento mori’ – a reminder of our own mortality?

concept, direction, sound & composition Karl Van Welden dramaturgy Bart Capelle sound, composition & piano Frederik Croene sound, composition & sound engineering Vincent Malstaf machinery & realisation Maarten De Vrieze lighting design Reynaldo Ramperssad production wpZimmer (Antwerpen) co-production Vooruit (Ghent), Gessnerallee (Zürich), Uzès Danse (Uzès), Le Vivat (Armentières), IN SITU / TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt), La Strada (Graz) & METROPOLIS (Copenhagen) with support from the Government of Flanders & LOD (Ghent) with thanks to Piano's Maene


Visual and performance artist Karl Van Welden is working on a cycle exploring the question of the human presence in the universe. Taking a different planet as a focal point each time, he is searching for different answers to this ancient question in often skewed, visual installations. The SATURN series consisted of a series of location-specific projects surrounding themes such as spatiality, distance, intimacy, endlessness, control and power in relation to the contemporary landscape. The MARS series focuses on human resistance to massive physical forces.


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