Andrea Bozic / ICKamsterdam in coproductie met Frascati Producties




Lithium is a dynamic, arresting dance trip in a partially real and partially virtual space. Five of the best dancers from the leading company Emio Greco | PC generate energy with their rhythmic clapping and stamping. The energy flows through their bodies, rises over their heads and even seems to distort the space itself. They also remain remotely connected – like a battery with several poles – to dancers, light, sound and video, which transform into a single, large living organism before your eyes.

‘An arresting dramaturgy’ – De Volkskrant

Since 2003, Andrea Božić (NL/HR) has been working at Frascati, frequently in collaboration with sound designer and artist Robert Pravda and the artist Julia Willms. They are regarded as pioneers of the use of interactive technology in the performing arts in the Netherlands and overseas. Since 2010, her work has been co-produced by Frascati and Emio Greco Ι PC, where she was artist in residence. In 2011, both houses produced her fascinating performance Mars Landing, which was commissioned by the Rathenau Institute. The first performance presented under her own name, Intergalactic, will premier in March 2013.