Huba de Graaff

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Liebesleid is an Opera at the local gym, after closing time.

The composition follows a normal workout of 45 minutes with necessary pauses. In a monologue Soetkin follows the process of mourning after a heart-breaking end of a love relationship. Before she accepts the loss and starts a new (running) life, she works herself through a colourful range of emotions. A physical work-out of confusion, anger and depression, with the help of two beautifully singing coaches and a bunch of trombonists.

Suffering from heartbreaking love…Go to the gym ! By sporting you release endorphins, the ‘happiness’-hormone. This is what they call ‘runner’s high’. Even if you walked into this performance exhausted and depressed, by the end of the night you’ll walk out as high as a kite on endorphins and good will. 

by Soetkin Demey soprano Caroline Cartens mezzosoprano Merlijn Runia sporters Julie Kurris (also vocals), Remi Lebocey en de tromboneklas van Codarts o.l.v. Brandt Attema en Alexander Verbeek: Fabian Vos, Mario Montes, Catalin Tavi, Manel igualada fernandez, Don Kow, Sophie Graven, Junior Huigen, Alejandro Antoniolo, Nir Fishkin, Berend van Gurp, Alex Forriols Gonzalez, Simao Ribeiro en Salvatore Cuccaro music,concept  Huba de Graaff libretto Erik-Ward Geerlings final direction Sanne van Rijn direction,concept Andreas Scharfenberg sound Nina Kraszewska videodesign Thijs de Wit (PIPS:lab) sounddesign Matthijs Kievit production Jasper Hupkens photography Bowie Verschuuren. A production

45 minuten