Late Night

Late Night

Blitz Theatre Group (GR)



A melodramatic performance

Following its successful appearances at different European stages the best-known Greek theatre group Blitz theatre group is coming to Frascati with Late Night and Galaxy.

Late Night is about Europe, but this is not mentioned. It is about the future, but it is set in the past. It is about hope and despair. Six actors are on stage, dancing in a ruined dance hall as if they were participating in an absurd competition, as if they were running away from something that haunts them. Late Night is a melodramatic performance set to the most exciting and most touching soundtrack of the year.

direction blitz theatre group by Giorgos Valais, Sophia Kokkali, Aggeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis, Fidel Talaboukas & Maria Filini dramaturgy blitz theatre group, Nikos Flessas light Tasos Paleoroutas music selection blitz theatre group, Giorgos Konstantinidis choreography Yannis Nikolaidis design Efi Birba costumes Vasilia Rozana make-up Evi Zafiropoulou hairstyling Chronis Tzimos direction assistent Kiki Rizou photography Vassilis Makris & Stavros Petropoulos tour Ligne Directe coproduction  blitz theatre group, The Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, La Filature - Scène Nationale Mulhouse


blitz theatre group was formed in October 2004, in Athens, by Aggeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis and Giorgos Valais. The group's basic principles are the following: Theatre is a field where people meet each other and exchange ideas in the most essential way, not a field for virtuosity and ready made truths. There is a need for answers to what society asks from art today and what theatrical structures stand for in the dawn of the 21th century. All members are equal throughout conception, writing, direction and dramaturgy process, everything is under doubt, there is nothing to be taken for granted, neither in theatre nor in life.


video Late Night - blitz theatre group


90 minuten
surtitles English & Dutch