If You Could See Me Now

wed 19 february

If You Could See Me Now

Arno Schuitemaker

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'Chilled-out club dance becomes hypnotizing experience. "It is no exaggeration to say that these kind of experiences will determine the future of the theatre” (Trouw).

Seemingly casual, If You Could See Me Now appeals for another look, to look again, setting a chilled-out club dance into one dizzying wave-like motion.

Three performers progress continuously. Vibes accumulate and electrify. At maximal exertion and sweaty physicality, their movement flow audaciously reinvents itself as luminous and versatile impressions. The performance space dilates, dissolves and shifts. Time gets chopped up then reshapes.

From ecstasy to turmoil, from build-up to its dismantling, If You Could See Me Now challenges expectations, shakes them up, grinds them to a halt. It finds a tipping point. Reconnecting in this interspace, it makes room for something new, a liberation, to appear.

Arno Schuitemaker is a rising star and not without reason. With great acclaim his performances travel across Europe. The magazines tanz and Dance Europe even named him "the most leading contemporary choreographer in The Netherlands”. During the festival De Nederlandse Dansdagen 2019, Arno  won de Zwaan for most impressive dance production with his performance The Way You Sound Tonight.

Using ongoing, perpetual movement, his perception-based works become immersive and transformative encounters that speak about life and the time we live in. Often characterized as interdisciplinary, they transcend dance and push its boundaries.

'Like a power surge, that is what Arno Schuitemaker’s performance feels like. Hypnotizing movements and electronic minimal music. This is about energy, it creates tension, and it makes you hold your breath', wrote VPRO.

'It is no exaggeration to say that these kind of experiences will determine the future of the theatre. (....) In this liberating dance performance everything falls into place. ' Trouw

'Yet another brilliant work, with a progression so subtle that its transformations are sometimes more tangible than directly evident.' NRC 

'Magnificent work that subtly plays with your feelings.' de Volkskrant

concept and creation Arno Schuitemaker performers Stein Fluijt, Ivan Ugrin en Kim Amankwaa dramaturgy Guy Cools music composition Wim Sell lightdesign Vinny Jones costumes Inge de Lange technique Natasja Giebels, Vincent Beune photography Sanne Peper

If You Could See Me Now - Arno Schuitemaker from Arno Schuitemaker on Vimeo.


Arno Schuitemaker (1976) studeerde af aan de Technische Universiteit in Delft om zich vervolgens op de moderne dans te richten. De afgelopen jaren maakte hij indruk met een serie fysieke performances, onontkoombaar en vol energie. Inmiddels wordt hij gezien als een van de meest vooraanstaande choreografen van zijn generatie. De fysieke meeslependheid en betoverende eenvoud van zijn werk worden tot ver buiten de landsgrenzen geroemd. Eerder toonde hij bij Frascati onder meer de voorstellingen While we striveI will wait for you en I is another. Schuitemaker werkte bij verschillende danshuizen in Nederland en daarbuiten en maakte (locatie)voorstellingen als Proxemics (2007), ZONE (2008), ANOMIA (2008), EXIT (2009), Couple (2010) en TIDE (2011). Zijn werk werd bekroond met de Dioraphte Stimuleringsprijs, een selectie voor de Aerowaves Priority List en een selectie door het Europese Dancehouse Network.



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