Cyber installations, workshops and performances 

We click ‘yes’ without even thinking when asked if we will accept cookies, use Facebook to log in to websites and the security cameras in the metro station give us a feeling of safety. We are aware that our activities are pretty much constantly being recorded and monitored. But we seldom stop to consider what this knowledge does to our behaviour. Are we heading for Orwell’s 1984? Should we rise up and rebel? The recent attacks in Paris and in other cities have given the debate on privacy a new twist. It is not individual freedom that is in the driving seat, but security. Greater powers for the police and security services are supposed to ensure that terrorists are intercepted in time, making the world a safer place. But does this approach add up? What if our data got into the hands of these very terrorists – or of a regime with shady intentions? The End of Privacy asks the question what it would mean if, in 20 years’ time, privacy were a concept consigned to the past.  

The End of Privacy is a festival of cyber installations, interactive performances and workshops. Together with artists and thinkers, we will investigate how we got here, what the status of our privacy is now and where we are headed in the (near) future. One thing is for sure: you won’t come out unhacked.  

Six MA students of Sandberg Institute’s Design Department present THE LODESTONE, an exhibition containing video works and installations. In our cafe we show The Traveller, a video by the German artist Jens Sundheim. 

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The End of Privacy is supported by the Arts&Design Programma EU2016 Europe by People.