Enter EUtopia

Enter EUtopia

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In Exit Europa / Enter Eutopia,  theatre-makers, artists and writers will talk about the state of Europe. Where are we now, how on earth did we get here and what possible futures await us? A disquieting, visionary evening of razor-sharp sketches, surprising perspectives and hopeful prospects. After all, in uncertain times when political processes seem to be hopelessly failing, we need boundless imagination more than ever. Who will pick up the gauntlet?

Exit Europa / Enter Eutopia  is a multilingual evening of pamphlets, theatrical texts, lecture performances, music and scenes. Featuring contributions from De Warme Winkel, Silvia Bottiroli (IT), Tim Etchells (GB), Wunderbaum, Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen, Nunzio Caponio (IT), Bright O. Richards (LR/NL), Petra Ardai (HU/NL), Gob Squad (DE/UK), Marieke Dermul (BE), Action Hero (GB) and Michiel Lieuwma. Makers and thinkers who have previously addressed in their work the big question of who we are, collectively, as Europeans.

Much of De Warme Winkel’s work – such as Villa Europa and Gravillo Princip – deals with modern European history. The subject of their production We are your friends (a HOF co-production) was in fact the ‘sell-by date of Europe’.

Silvia Bottiroli (IT) became artistic director of the international master’s course at DAS Theatre in September, before which she was the head of the Santarcangelo Festival in Italy. She regularly writes about the social, ethical and political values of theatre and dance.

Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen make theatre in which apocalyptic, filmic images and musical styles breathe a new world. And where there is a thin line between melodrama, irony and brutal reality.

Bright O. Richards (LR/NL) fled the war in Liberia. Having graduated from the ArtEZ University of the Arts School of Acting, he worked as an actor and theatre-maker. Through his organisation New Dutch Connections, he is striving to bring old and new inhabitants of the Netherlands together.

Tim Etchells (GB) is the artistic director of British theatre company Forced Entertainment, the principal guest of the programme Frascati Issues: Exit Europa. Not only has the company been of great significance to the development of British theatre, their work is still influencing the development of contemporary European theatre.

Wunderbaum recently took on the artistic direction of Theaterhaus Jena in the East of Germany. With branches in Milan and Rotterdam, in the years ahead the company will be investigating the rise of populism in Europe.

For the project Oh Europa, British theatre collective Action Hero (GB) went on a journey of more than 30,000 kilometres through Europe. They investigate Europe’s Lied (song) culture and are compiling an online library of European love songs sung by Europeans the collective meet along the way.

Petra Ardai (HU/NL) was born in Hungary. Having trained at DAS Theatre, she developed theatre documentaries on sensitive social topics. She is currently creating a podcast series for the NPO public broadcaster on the political situation in Hungary.

Flemish actress and theatre-maker Marieke Dermul (BE) recently created the production European Citizen Popsong dealing with Europe, the meaning of being European and the search for a European pop song that could bring us together.

Gob Squad (DE) is an artists’ collective from Berlin, who have been working together for 25 years. They produce performance, theatre, video and site-related projects. The new production I Love You, Goodbye (The Brexit Edition) premières in HAU on Friday, 29 March.

Michiel Lieuwma is a writer, journalist and theatre-maker. He works for broadcaster VPRO, De Correspondent magazine, online video series De snijtafel and current affairs show Orde van de Dag, among others.

Nunzio Caponio (IT) is an Italian actor, filmmaker and playwright currently living and working both in Italy and the Netherlands.