Change Position

Change Position

Frascati Producties / Zarah Bracht



An investigation of the phenomenon of romantic love.
Everything is changing, everything is movement. Chances to make contact with others arise and disappear, sometimes more quickly than we can respond to them. A fleeting glance or touch are at times the most exciting. Love is not fixed; so how does attraction come about?
 Change Position is a courtship dance, a sporting combat. What is our position on being together in a time in which we are mostly concerned with our own individual growth?

Zarah Bracht worked on Change Position for the first time at Frascati Fraslab in October 2016. Back then she showed a duet in three parts: on the first evening we saw the man alone; on the second evening the woman. On the third evening, they came together on the floor. Now Zarah is reworking the piece, bringing love, courtship, combat, man and woman together in one evening.

concept & direction Zarah Bracht performance Anneke Sluiters & Dennis Tiecken scenography advice Liesje Knobel photo Bas de Brouwer special thanks to Indra Cauwels


Zarah Bracht (1990, Hamburg) graduated this year from the directing course in Amsterdam. Prior to her studies, she was a directing assistant for various productions at the Thalia Theater Hamburg and Deutsches Theater Berlin. She recently also completed an internship with Peter Sellars on Only the Sound Remains at the Dutch National Opera in Amsterdam. During her studies, she discovered her love of dance and physical theatre and practiced creating productions based on image and movement, without (dramatic) text. In her work, Zarah strives to take the audience on a voyage of discovery into their own imaginations and associations.