Climatic Dances - The Lecture & Artist Talk

Climatic Dances - The Lecture & Artist Talk

Amanda Piña (MX / CL / AT)

English spoken


Climatic Dances: The Lecture | Amanda Piña 
Climatic Dances is the name of the fifth volume of the Endangered Human Movements series, a long-term research carried out by choreographer Amanda Piña on the current planetary loss of cultural and biological diversity. The artistic research for Climatic Dances is inspired by the work of Mexican anthropologist Alessandro Questa, on two “traditional” dances of the Northern Highlands of Puebla, performed by indigenous Masewal people, in a context of climate change and advancing mining exploitation in the region. The presentation is an essay on the possibility of thinking the world, leaving behind the idea of progress and about how dance, as a socioenvironmental movement, can contribute to that process. In this lecture the artist will give and insight in her work and share some choreographic and visual material, related to her research on Climatic Dances, whose first draft was presented in October 2019, in Mexico City (Museo Universitario del Chopo UNAM) and will premiere in March 2020, in Vienna (TQW).

Endangered Human Movementsis the title of a long-term project, started in the year 2014, focusing on human movement practices, which have been cultivated for centuries all over the world. Inside this frame, a series of performances, workshops, installations, publications and a comprehensive online archive are developed which reconstruct, re-contextualize and re-signify human movement practices in danger of disappearing, aiming at unleash their future potential.  

Artist Talk | Amanda Piña, Nicole Beutler, Suzan Boogaerdt, Bianca van der Schoot, Alexandra Broeder o.l.v. Anne Breure
The programme continues with an exclusive artist talk wherein themes from the lecture performance will be addressed. Focusing on art in a post-human world the artist talk features Nicole Beutler, Suzan Boogaerdt, Bianca van der Schoot, Amanda Piña and Alexandra Broeder. These artists share an interest in researching the changing relations between humans and non-humans and the changing relationship of human beings to the environment. The world is in transition, man’s position at the centre of the world is no longer tenable. Though the question arises: what’s humanity if humans are no longer the standard. And how to make art in an non-human era? What’s the relevance of art in this new post-human world, this new era? Through their work the various artists attending the artist talk will be exploring these questions and discuss the meaning of art in a post-human world.

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Choreograaf, danser en cultureel werker Amanda Piña (MX/CL/AT) woont en werkt in Wenen en Mexico-Stad. Haar werk richt zich op de ‘dekonolisatie’ van kunst, met een focus op de politieke dimensie van dans, de bewegingsvorm waarin mensen zich verhouden tot elkaar én gezamenlijk tot hun omgeving. Haar performances zijn eigentijdse rituelen gericht op het opheffen van ideologische scheidslijnen: tussen eigentijds, modern en traditioneel, tussen mens, dier en plant, tussen natuur en cultuur. Amanda Piña wil werk maken dat uitstijgt boven het format van een ‘product’ en dat kan fungeren als kader voor nieuwe (zintuiglijke) ervaringen.

Het werk van Amanda Piña binnen het artistieke platform nadaproductions is te zien geweest in onder andere Tanzquartier (Wenen), MUMOK en ImpulsTanzFestival (Wenen), Fondation Cartier (Parijs), DeSingel (Antwerpen), Royal Festival Hall (London), STUK (Leuven), Buda (Kortrijk), Beursschouwburg (Brussel), Tanz NRW (Düsseldorf), Hebbel am Uffer (Berlijn), en NAVE & Festival Internacional Santiago a Mil (Chili). Piña geeft leiding aan nadaLokal in Wenen, een gallerieruimte gespecialiseerd in dans en performance. Daarnaast werkt zij aan het langlopende project Endangered Human Movements.