Do you remember that time we were together and danced this or that dance ?

Do you remember that time we were together and danced this or that dance ?

Clara Amaral (PT)

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An intimate performance about embodied memory

How does a dance live on in the memory? What bubbles up when we recall the rhythm, the space, the sensation; the sweat, the steps and the context? The real or subsequently imagined dance partner? The dance you never really danced? Young dance-maker Clara Amaral wrote a text about dance, (shared) memory and imagination. In accordance with her subject, she and Loïc Perela learned this text by heart, as the basis for an intimate performance for one spectator at a time. An intriguing interplay with the old and the new, the shared and the personal, real and fantasized recollections as the body stores these, modulates and regurgitates them.

text publication Clara Amaral in conversation with Lana Čoporda, Loïc Perela, Magda Widlak, Ofir Yudilevitch, Serge Amoussou-guenou & Yang Zhen performance Clara Amaral design Dongyoung Lee editorial advice Becket Mingwen

Clara Amaral studied dance for five years in Lisbon before continuing her studies at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO). Her production ‘Soap Crash’, a trio with Unn Faleide, Noora Hannula and Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen, received an honourable mention at the ITs Festival 2012. After graduation, she created a number of productions centred around the relationship between the (electronic) object and the (female) body. With Do you remember, she returns to her love and fascination for language. Amaral’s work has previously been seen at Dansmakers, Frascati Producties and Veem House for Performance.

30 minuten
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