The Black Box Bellagio

The Black Box Bellagio

Frascati 15:15 / Roos Groothuizen

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Play with the (un)fairness of expected values and chances, predicted risks, and giving up your identity.

For one night, Frascati 3 will be transformed into an unusual casino. Take a seat at one of our playing tables and place your bets at Social Strip Poker, Best-Bet Blackjack, or maybe Risky Roulette. 
It is a common fact that Facebook uses algorithms to track our behavior. But what these algorithms do, or when they are around, is commonly unknown. Still, we are being held responsible for our own knowledge. In this imposed state of insecurity, all our options seem to be untrustworthy. What is good and what is evil?
In this ‘casino of life’, the outcome of the wager is immediate and known, but what outcome affects your behavior will remain unknown. The house is always one step ahead: The house always seems to win.
The Black Box Bellagio is an initiative by Roos Groothuizen, in the context of Frascati 15:15. Roos Groothuizen (1992) is an artist and designer, currently graduating at the Sandberg Instituut. Roos is interested in the unfair distribution of information and how online algorithms systematically discriminate us.
Frascati 15:15 consists of seven young creatives who occupy Frascati on every Thursday to develop extra programming in their own context. 
This season’s group (‘16-’17): Merel Boes, Tibor Bijl, Tess Grevink, Roos Groothuizen, Yavid Mounir, Sophie Rijnaard and Sterre de Vries.