Bambie is Back

tue 03 till thu 05 april

Bambie is Back

Bambie & Eef van Breen Group

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Bodies and instruments take on time

Bambie is back, and it’s about time. In fact, that’s literally what this production is all about: time. Waiting for a single minute can feel like an eternity. A year can fly by before you know it. A terrible event can make time feel like it’s standing still, while moments of happiness seem so fleeting and elusive. While the clock mechanically ticks away the milliseconds, our sense of time is wonderfully elastic. In this 18th ‘Bambie’, three mimes and three musicians get to grips with time. Seconds are stretched and light years compressed in a series of physical and musical confrontations. A production about measuring the finality and assuming the infinity of everything.

‘Like no other group, Bambie are able to make something from nothing. The silences say as much as the scenes with dialogue or music’ – NRC

by & with Eef van Breen, Stathis Elio, Ibelisse Guardia, Paul van der Laan, Eva Tebbe & Jochem Stavenuiter dramaturgy Marijn van der Jagt stagedesign Hester Jolink eindregie Erik Whien


Mimetheatergroep Bambie telt al meer dan twintig jaar door met beeldend, poëtisch en geestig theater over figuren die worstelen met krachten die hun lichamen te boven gaan. Fysieke voorstellingen over de kleine mens met zijn grote dromen en ambities, herkenbaar, hilarisch en poëtisch In Bambie is back werkt de groep voor het eerst met live muziek.

De Eef van Breen Group was de afgelopen jaren veel in het theater te zien: in Fellini en Borgen van het Noord Nederland Toneel en met de eigen ‘film zonder beeld’ Chapman for president.

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