I will wait for you

I will wait for you

Arno Schuitemaker

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Enchanting dance trip, compelling and like love itself

After receiving praise Paris, Bupapest, Rome and Marseille, Arno Schuitemaker’s I will wait for you is back in Amsterdam, where it premiered in 2016, for a one-time only performance. Arno Schuitemaker took the elusive and desireful nature of love as his source of inspiration and created on of his most personal performances.

“There is something very beautiful about ‘not yet’.” - Arno Schuitemaker

I will wait for you develops from beginning to end in one seamless flow, ever-changing as it goes on – and on. Together, separate, yet continuously connected, three performers surrender themselves to their circular movements. The twilight of darkness and dim lights

evokes initially only the vague contours of their bodies. Delaying gratification, the meticulous buildup engages the performers and the audience in a perpetual becoming. It makes all logical sense of time evaporate. Escalating in intensity, slowly but surely, I will wait for you grows into a deeply visceral experience, a trance that lingers long after the performance is over.

“What makes I will wait for you excel is the buildup. The evenness by which the entire flow of movement transforms and comes to fruition, is fantastic.” -★★★★  de Volkskrant
Best new choreography of season 2016/2017.” - ★★★★ Theatermaker
An intimate and hypnotizing experience.” – ma culture, Helena van Riemsdijk
The work is a miracle.” - Escena de la memòria

concept / choreography Arno Schuitemaker performers Revé Terborg, Stein Fluijt, Jenia Kasatkina dramaturgy Guy Cools lighting design Ellen Knops music composition Wim Selles costumes Inge de Lange photo Sigel Eschkol


I will wait for you - Arno Schuitemaker from Arno Schuitemaker on Vimeo.