What we leave behind

What we leave behind

Theater Utrecht / Davy Pieters



Major changes are often deeply rooted in the past.

We won’t see the effect of our deeds until much later. To see into the future, we have to look to the past. What we leave behind is like a time lapse, a cinematic portrait of time. What lives on, what is lost? What do we leave behind and what do we bring along?

In this visually strong physical show, featuring 16 talented Mime players and performers, Davy Pieters allows us to zoom in and zoom out on the endless chain of big events and minute actions. A chain that continues across the generations and that defines our perspective on the world.

Christiaan Verbeek composes the score: a cinematic mix of acoustic sounds and analogue synth. Visually strong, physical shows Davy Pieters (1988) completed the Theatre Director course at the Maastricht Institute of Performing Arts. Over the past few years she has developed a uniquely personal style that is instantly recognisable. Her work explores how humans are influenced by technological developments and the (visual) culture we live in. Pieters transforms her findings into physical, cinematic, and visually strong performances that are a playful mix of different media and genres such as television, film, visual art, games, and science fiction.

concept & direction Davy Pieters by & with Kim Amankwaa, Sanne Bokkers, Ruth Borg, Moriah Dekker, Nick Deroo, Charlotte Gillain, Tashi Iwaoka, Aleksej Ovsiannikov, Josefine Rahn, Tom de Ronde, Annet de Ruiter, Gerben Vaillant, Manuel Groothuysen, Ciro Goudsmit, Gerindo Kartadinata, Erwin Boschmans


Davy Pieters
After her critically acclaimed, apocalyptic site-specific show Re-enactment of the Now with Theater Utrecht in 2016, Davy Pieters joined Theater Rotterdam to create the shows The Unpleasant Surprise (2017) and How to Build a Universe (2018). With Frascati Producties she made the ‘murder reconstruction’ How did I die (2014) (Young Directors Audience Award in Braunschweig) as well as the dizzying monologue The Truth About Kate (2014) (Official Jury Selection Nederlands Theaterfestival 2014 and nominated for the BNG Nieuwe Theatermakers Prize). Last summer, two of her shows, How did I die and The Unpleasant Surprise, were selected for the Venice Biennale. With Nastaran Razawi Khorasani she founded the performance collective KOBE, which develops spectacular, theatrical performances for widely differing scenes.