LOCATION:  HEMbrug terrein Hemkade 18 1506 PR Zaandam. routebeschrijving

An empty space. No, not quite: there’s something lying there. It seems to be breathing, to be growing; taking on a life of its own. Maybe it’s looking at us, like we are looking at it. Maybe listening to us? Inviting us to come play? Or trying to force us out? BLAAS is a journey exploring boundaries and space, passing through inside and out, light and dark, threat and play, resistance and surrender.

Following on from the festival hits SPIEGEL, ZWEEP and WIEK, with BLAAS Schweigman& present a disorientating game with the space around us, in cooperation with artist Cocky Eek. Having started out as a fashion designer, Eek’s designs became ever more spatial. Boukje Schweigman: “I fell in love with Cocky’s work at first sight. Like me, she focuses on the human body in relation to a space or an object. Her objects disorientate, appeal to the imagination, evoke a physical response and ask questions about how and where I am in this wondrous world.”

Theatre-maker Boukje Schweigman: “We want to investigate where the inner world stops and the outer world starts. There is a constant interaction between man and his environment. How someone experiences and influences the physical space tells you everything about who he or she is. Outside is inside, inside is outside. So maybe the question ‘where am I’ is more important than ‘who am I’.”

Schweigman&’s wordless theatre submerges the spectator in a plastic, poetic, mysterious universe. By stimulating and deceiving the senses, their productions offer us a new, non-rational, intuitive perspective on our everyday reality.



90 minuten