All Ears

All Ears

Kate McIntosh



Prick up your ears and be carried away by a revitalizing stream van sounds, stories and thoughts. Everyday sounds like the scraping of a chair or tearing paper are sampled and recycled as an audio backdrop. Against this backdrop, born storyteller McIntosh leads us through parables about birds and traffic flows, fragments about crowd control and language and jokes about politics and group dynamics. While dry British humour alternates with unexpected insights, in the background the big questions loom up: who are we without one another? How can we come together? And what is needed to collectively change course as a society?

‘Following a wonderful, alienating soundscape of shifting chairs and breaking china, Kate McIntosh holds up a big microphone – the calm before the storm. In this beautiful, empty moment our togetherness in this space becomes palpable.’ – Westdeutsche Algemeine Zeitung

Kate McIntosh makes theatre, performance and video work with an international appeal. In recent years, she has been seen in Frascati with Dark Matter and Loose Promise. Having trained in dance, she worked with artists and groups such as Forced Entertainment (UK); Wendy Houstoun (UK); Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre (AU) and Simone Aughterlony (CH). McIntosh currently lives and works in Brussels, where she was involved in setting up the SPIN production collective.